Atlanta Concealed Carry Training Class

Atlanta CCW CoursesWe make it our goal to provide a safe and fun environment in which to introduce you to handguns and concealed carry. We do all we can to make sure all interested in carrying a concealed weapon for protection is provided with current and efficient instruction and training. Atlanta Handgun Training offer the best concealed carry classes for handguns, rifles, and shotguns in Georgia. Even though Georgia does not require that you complete a handgun safety class to obtain a state issued Weapon’s Permit, however, almost all responsibly armed citizens agree that it increases safety and efficiency when concealed carrying. We have students from all over the Metro Atlanta area including: Brookhaven, Decatur, Metro Atlanta, Virginia Highlands, Midtown Atlanta, and East Atlanta.

The recently passed "guns everywhere" law (Safe Carry Protection Act of 2014) does not mean that you can conceal carry everywhere. Schools and government buildings, for example, still prohibit concealed carry. Churches and restaurants, however, no allow it under certain conditions.

Students need an understanding of when and where they can conceal carry. This course offers that understanding. We off such classes as: basic gun safety courses, handgun safety training, NRA Gun Safety, or NRA Concealed Carry Class. The NRA Concealed Carry Classes offered covers the laws of self-defense in Georgia. We also use role-playing to give an understanding of when and where deadly force might be necessary and legal. We even go into what not to say to law enforcement. We do not want our students to make a bad situation worse due to a lack of understanding and education. These courses will help enhance your skill set.

Our instructors maintain an insurance policy for their instructional classes. They maintain their certification with the United States Concealed Carry Association (USCCA) and the National Rifle Association (NRA). Constantly, they are being subjected to additional training to guarantee up to date information. They understand that students invest time and money into classes and in exchange they continuously invest in course materials to provide quality classes. Our instructors are qualified, certified and insured.

We do our best to guarantee quality information. It is our goal for students to leave these classes with a complete understanding of how to responsibly and safely carry a concealed firearm for personal protection.