Pistol Class Buckhead

Pistol Class BuckheadThis Pistol class in Buckhead is taught by appropriately qualified and skilled instructors. They will properly train you on how to safely and responsible operate a firearm. We recognize the need to protect yourself from potential threats and our goal is to make sure that you leave this class with the knowledge you need on how to protect yourself safely and efficiently. Our instructors understand the complexity surrounding carrying a concealed weapon for protection and their goal is to teach you so that you are prepared and ready if you ever come across an unfortunate circumstance that requires you to defend yourself.

The laws in Georgia does not require you to complete a gun safety course before you obtain a permit. Taking a safety course can greatly increase your efficiency and safety while using a concealed weapon for your protection. The concealed carry laws in Georgia are not without limits, however. You should know the limits to the law because this is just as important as knowing your protections under that law. Our instructors will cover the Georgia laws as the apply to concealed carry and self-defense with the goal of providing students with the understanding they need of when and when not to use deadly force. We understand that it is not human nature to perform well in high stress situations. We will do our best to educate you on how to appropriately respond in the tragic aftermath of an unfortunate event.

Life will not always give you the advantage. You may encounter a situation where you have to protect yourself and the situation is not ideal. This Pistol class in Buckhead will cover various methods for shooting in positions that are not ideal. Our instructors well also cover various methods of shooting while moving. They will cover basic safety guidelines for handling a firearm as well as basic self-defense techniques. This class will cover a variety of malfunction clearing techniques to help increase your efficiency and minimize possible accidents.

The aim of this Pistol class in Buckhead is to provide a fun and safe environment for our instructors to teach you how to efficiently and properly defend yourself. They focus on effective methods of using cover and concealment. They will also teach you the various types of equipment you might possibly need and teach you how to identify what is right for your firearm. Our qualified instructors do everything within their power to make sure you will leave this course with a sense of safety, security, and confidence in your knowledge and know that you are responsibly armed.