NRA Classes Stone Mountain

NRA Classes Stone MountainOur instructors are Certified NRA Firearm Instructors. Richard is certified by the NRA as a Pistol instructor as well as Personal Protection Inside the Home. Our NRA Classes in Stone Mountain offer a safe and fun way to become more proficient with your handgun. These courses do more than just lecture students on rules. Our instructors will train you so that you obtain the skills needed to operate your firearm correctly. We discuss a range of safety commands in detail as well as the rules of gun safety.

The methods used while loading and unloading a firearm makes a difference. An accident can result from using improper methods. Our instructors cover how to correctly and quickly load and unload your firearm. They also cover the various different types of ammunition and which is correct for your firearm. We cover different ways to identify and clear numerous different malfunctions.

These NRA classes in Stone Mountain also covers the fundamentals of shooting. Our instructors understand that a strong foundation is important. They cover the fundamentals and build from their so you have a strong foundation to build knowledge and skill on. We will teach you the seven fundamentals of shooting and will build on these topics to make you a more proficient shooter.

Our NRA Classes in Stone Mountain teach that it is essential for students to understand different methods for proper use of their firearm. Our skilled and certified instructors teach the proper stances to use while firing. They teach the proper methods to grip a firearm. They also discuss proper trigger control techniques and different firing techniques from numerous different positions.

The way you draw your firearm can be the difference in life and death. We teach different techniques for efficiently drawing and re-holstering your weapon. We teach you how to move with your handgun safely. Our instructors also realize the importance of selecting the correct firearm, holster, and/or ammunition. They discuss the various different types of firearms, holsters, and ammunition. They also cover how to decide which type is best for you.

These NRA Classes in Stone Mountain also discusses the legalities of owning a firearm. We cover the concealed carry laws for the state of Georgia. You should understand when and where you can conceal carry for your own safety. We also cover self-defense laws and judicious use of force. You need to know what type of situations using deadly force is appropriate and justified and what type of situations deadly force is neither needed nor justified. If are equipped with knowledge about how to use a firearm properly, you will be more responsible and safe in the use of a firearm. Our goal is to train you on how to be a responsible gun owner.