Tommy L.

This was the first time I've ever attended a class on how to use a firearm for defensive purposes. Now that I think about it, the first class on how to use a firearm for anything!! lol

I've grown up around firearms. A lifelong hunter. But.. A pistol is the firearm that I shoot the least.

Until this class, my experience with pistols had been keeping one in the console of my truck and shooting tin cans and targets at my hunting camp from time to time.

Richard's class was really a eye opener for me. Now that I have a family, learning how to use a pistol to properly defend my family and myself has become a priority of mine, and Richard's class was the first step in this process.

I had never drawn a pistol from a holster and fired it before. By the end of this class, Richard had us drawing our weapons, acquiring the target, and firing in a little over a second for all of us!!! We were moving forward, backwards, left, right, and kneeling! All shots were hitting center mass too!! It was amazing to say the least!!

In short, now I feel confident in carrying my firearm, and using it, if need be, in a defensive situation. I've recently acquired my Ga Weapons Carry License, and plan on carrying from here on out.

This was a fantastic class and I'm utterly amazed how much I learned in the few hours we spent at the range. Thank You Richard for your time and expertise! Money well spent and looking forward to the Level 3 class!


Tommy L