Amanda S.

I have participated in both the NRA Basic Pistol Course as well as the Level 1: Basic Introduction to Handguns, and my shooting skills have improved dramatically. Because of the amount of improvement that I have exerienced during these courses (as well as during private lessons with Richard), I have already scheduled the Level 2: Personal Protection Course. It is definitely comforting to know that I can safely and efficiently load, unload, and operate virtually any handgun that I encounter.

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Tiffany Y.

I participated in the NRA Basic Pistol Course today and look what I did while at the shooting range! Thank you Richard Whirley for teaching me so much about shooting and handling a pistol today! I learned a lot.

I took this class due to the fact that I was always nervous and intimidated around guns, and my husband owns many firearms. So I thought it would be a good idea to take the class and hopefully feel more comfortable. After today, I feel like I can properly use a handgun safely...

Kelly F.

Kelly F - Private Citizen

I completed the Level 1: Basic Introduction to Handguns course on July 13th of this year.

If you are a lady (or a man) in need of firearms training at ANY LEVEL, whether you want to learn how to be comfortable defending yourself in your home, need concealment training, or you have never shot a gun but would like to learn- my friend Richard Whirley comes highly recommended for his training services. He is highly skilled and knowledgable, and trains some of our best police forces in the area how to handle violent situations. Please reach out to him for his services.

I guarantee you will benefit from knowing MORE about firearms. The safety of you and your family depends on it!

Tommy L.

This was the first time I've ever attended a class on how to use a firearm for defensive purposes. Now that I think about it, the first class on how to use a firearm for anything!! lol

I've grown up around firearms. A lifelong hunter. But.. A pistol is the firearm that I shoot the least.

Until this class, my experience with pistols had been keeping one in the console of my truck and shooting tin cans and targets at my hunting camp from time to time.

Richard's class was really a eye opener for me. Now that I have a family, learning how to use a pistol to properly defend my family and myself has become a priority of mine, and Richard's class was the first step in this process.

I had never drawn a pistol from a holster and fired it before. By the end of this class, Richard had us drawing our weapons, acquiring the target, and firing in a little over a second for all of us!!! We were moving forward, backwards, left, right, and kneeling! All shots were hitting center mass too!! It was amazing to say the least!!

In short, now I feel confident in carrying my firearm, and using it, if need be, in a defensive situation. I've recently acquired my Ga Weapons Carry License, and plan on carrying from here on out.

This was a fantastic class and I'm utterly amazed how much I learned in the few hours we spent at the range. Thank You Richard for your time and expertise! Money well spent and looking forward to the Level 3 class!


Tommy L

Will Y.

I have grown up around firearms. From a very young age I had some sort of weapon in my hand at all times. Carrying concealed since of legal age, I always felt I could handle myself and firearm should the need arise. After taking a class with Richard at the urging of my wife, I learned more than I thought I would. Handling a handgun in a self defense situation is more than simply putting a round through paper in a controlled environment. The techniques and tips Richard has in his instruction are more than helpful, they are necessary when it comes to self defense. Whether you think you could benefit from a firearm training class or not, do yourself a favor and spend the few hours it takes to familiarize yourself with proper techniques, improve your efficiency, gain the outside perspective on many aspects that do not cross your mind and increase the likely hood of successfully defending yourself or family. I know I learned of bad habits I have from years of shooting with no instruction, all of which when corrected will make me a much better shooter.

I guarantee in these classes, whether you are a first timer or experienced shooter, you will gain perspective, knowledge and experience that may be the difference in successfully defending yourself or family in the future. You will also have a blast doing it in a stress free, fun environment. I took the class with my wife, a new shooter having only taken 2 previous classes with Richard (her entire lifelong handgun experience). She and I are on two different experience levels with firearms yet BOTH of us greatly benefited from the class. At no time did the class lose either of us, as we were engaged fully the entire time. We WILL be taking more as we progress along. Seeing how far she has come from being a first time pistol shooter 2 classes ago to an integral part and solution for defending our children and home, could be the greatest testament to the worth of these classes and ability of Richard to teach. My wife will no longer have to simply play the victim.

If you carry concealed and have never had training, do yourself and all of us a favor and take a couple of these classes. You WILL benefit.

If you have no experience with handguns and want to learn, do not hesitate to take these classes. You will be shooting like a pro in no time.

Ariel S.


At age 10, I first learned to shoot rifles and shotguns with my father, and have been doing so ever since. Many, many years later I became connected to Richard Whirley through a friend and decided to take the NRA Basic Pistol Course.

While familiar with long-guns, I can honestly say that this course was of EXTREME value to me in the realm of handguns/pistols, which I knew nothing about. Richard was an excellent instructor, wealthy in his subject knowledge and patience with his students. What a great day! I cannot tell you how incredible the value of a course like this is for individuals both unfamiliar and familiar with firearms.

I will recommend this course to everyone I know. Can't wait to take the rest of the lessons! Thanks Richard!