I already know how to shoot. Do I have to start with Level 1?

Many of our students, especially men, grew up with firearms and already have a good understanding of the functions of the firearm. They understand how to align the sights, and they can hit small targets at decent distances. They don't have any formal training, but they are experienced in the sense that they can safely take their firearm to the range and enjoy a day of shooting without incident. Many can completely disassemble the firearm for cleaning and maintenance. With these students, we don't always require that they start with our Basic classes (NRA Basic Pistol or Level 1: Basic Fundamentals). If we have not personally shot with you in the past, we do require that you display a safe and competent working knowledge of your firearm prior to enrolling in an intermediate or advanced course. If you have completed training with other instructors in the past, please be sure to notify us of which training you have completed.

Sometimes we have potential students (again, mostly men) who don't want to sign up for a "basic" or "beginner" class because of some sort of ego conflict. To those people, we say this: manipulating a firearm is a skill. It's not one that you're born with, but rather one that you must work at. If you know that you don't have the proper skills to be in an intermediate or advanced level class- then please begin with either our basic courses or private instruction. Many times we can cover the skills developed in the 4 hour basic course in just 2 hours during a private lesson. I assure you- the skills that you will develop in our basic courses are the foundation of the systematic process that we use throughout all of our courses.