Weapons Manipulation & Personal Protection

This course is four hours long, consisting of two hours of lecture time and two hours of live fire exercises. The "lectures" will consist of open dialog, question/answers, discussions, interactive demonstrations, videos, and more. This course continues where Level 1 - Introduction to Handguns leaves off. While Level 1 teaches safety and the 7 fundamentals of effective shooting, this course goes further into economy of motion and firearm manipulation.


*Note* - There is a strict limit of participants in this course to ensure that each student has adequate one-on-one time with the instructor.


Student must have completed one of the following courses prior to registering for Level 2:

The following topics will be covered:

  • Refinement of proper basics covered in Level 1
  • Drawing from a holster
  • Moving with a handgun
  • Re-holstering
  • Identify and clear all four types of semi-automatic handgun malfunctions
  • After Action Assessment drills
  • Tactical reloads (with and without retention)
  • Reloading from slide lock
  • Selecting a firearm, holster, and ammunition
Personal Protection

What you will need:

  • $140 (tuition fee is $35 / hour)
  • 150 rounds of ammunition for a firearm you bring (personal firearm is NOT required, but is optional)
    • If you do not bring your own firearm, please bring 150 rounds of 9mm ammunition (available below at $.40 / rd) OR .22LR ammunition (available below at $.15 below)
    • You will not need both 9mm and .22LR, just one or the other
  • Notebook and pen
  • OPTIONAL: Your own handgun (*NOTE* - Must be inspected by instructor prior to the beginning of the class)

Level of Proficiency Student can expect to achieve:

  • Student will be able to draw and fire 2 combat effective shots at five yards in no more than two seconds

What Will Be Provided:



This is NOT an NRA Approved Course.