Atlanta Handgun Training

Our team at Atlanta Handgun Training has one common goal: to provide a SAFE and FUN learning environment where people can learn realistic means of self-protection. Many of our students are just looking for Basic Handgun Safety Classes in Atlanta, GA, and others are looking for more advanced handgun classes. We offer a wide array of courses as well as private shooting lessons for anyone wanting to focus on a specific skill set.

While we focus on Handgun Classes in Atlanta, GA- we also offer courses for rifle, shotgun, as well as other weapons as well as unarmed self-defense. We aim to provide a scientific and systematic approach to teaching this lifelong skill that might one day save your life or the life of a loved one. If you are interested in training with any of our qualified, certified, insured instructors below, then please feel free to Contact Us or check our upcoming training schedule.

Richard W.

Position: Owner / Firearms Instructor
Location: Covington, GA

Richard is the founder of Atlanta Handgun Training and is a certified Instructor in the NRA's Basic Pistol and Personal Protection Inside The Home courses. He is an active competitor in the IDPA as well as GADPA

Derek M.

Position: Senior POST Instructor
Location: Atlanta, GA

As a Senior POST instructor, Derek specializes in Forensic Interrogation and Family Violence. For more than a decade he has provided consultation to organizations on a range of issues revoling around violence.