Female Training

We offer many courses for only ladies for a more comfortable environment.

We understand that it can be intimidating for a lady to share range time with a man. It's common for men to have grown up around firearms and slightly less common for women to have that same level of experience. Because we want to make sure that our courses are as conducive for learning as possible, we offer courses for ladies only on a regular basis. If you're interested in attending a women's only course, please Contact Us.

Alternatively, many of our female students prefer to train with their spouse. We highly encourage this for multiple reasons. First, it is likely that you will want to train with your spouse as you will become more likely to be able to adequately defend each other. Second, and more importantly, it is helpful to train with your spouse so that you learn the same fundamentals, the same training vocabulary, the same techniques, etc. This will help out immensely when you train together in the future so that you can help each other.